Wordela August 2023 Update

Wordela is an active, growing project. We have a committed team of engineers, teachers, curriculum experts, and user interface designers that will continue to improve the product. Here are the latest updates:

New Wordela Features

Profile Screen Refresh Improved

The new pull-down gesture to refresh the entire profile screen on mobile makes it easier and faster to update the information on your profile.

This feature applies to all Wordela accounts only.

Auto Word Info Display on Incorrect Answers in AutoLearn

We’re excited to introduce a valuable improvement in AutoLearn for Wordela users. Now, when you provide an incorrect answer, Word Info will be automatically displayed. This updated Word Info in AutoLearn offers an improved learning experience.

Furthermore, we’re introducing a new setting called “Incorrect Help Delay” in AutoLearn, providing you with even more control over your learning journey. You can choose from options like “Instant,” “0.5 Seconds,” “2 Seconds,” and “Manual”:

“Instant”: Word Info is displayed right after an incorrect answer.

Time Interval Options: Wait for a selected time interval after an incorrect answer before the Word Info is shown.

“Manual”: Word Info is displayed only when you click the view Word Info icon button.

These enhancements empower you to tailor your learning experience, making it more efficient and effective.”

This feature applies to all Wordela accounts.

Wordlist Fully Mastered

Word Lists that have been fully mastered will now display a unique image, proudly indicating 100% mastery by the user.

This feature applies to all Wordela accounts.

Lesson and Quick Lesson

Wordela now features two additional levels of GPT-generated text in Word Discover: Lesson and Quick Lesson. These levels provide varying degrees of complexity and depth, catering to learners at different stages of their language journey.

This feature applies to all Wordela accounts.

Smoother Cancellation Process

To make your experience even more user-friendly, we’ve revamped the cancellation process. In the ‘Are You Sure?’ and ‘Final Step’ sections, we’ve repositioned the buttons and improved their styling for enhanced clarity.

Now, the ‘Go Back’ option is conveniently presented as a secondary button, providing you with a more intuitive and hassle-free cancellation experience. Your feedback is essential to us, and these changes aim to streamline your interaction with our platform.”

This feature applies to all Wordela accounts.